Hilltop Patio Home Picture

Hilltop Patio Homes
2 Bedrooms 2 Full Bathrooms

Brookside offers Hilltop Patio Homes which are large individual Duplexes or Triplexes. These spacious homes boast over 1,100 to 1,500 square feet of updated and luxurious interiors. The Hilltop Patio Home allows an active senior the ability to park your car right inside your own garage. Come on in and take a look.

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Country Cottage Home Picture

Country Cottages
2 Bedroom

Brookside offers independent senior Country Cottages which are large 1,250 square foot homes. This Brookside home style adds a second affordable but luxurious home option for senior adults in Mobile.

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Garden Apartments Picture

Garden Apartments
2 Bedroom

Brookside offers Garden Apartments for those seniors who want a smaller home without giving up luxurious upgrades or style. This 756 square foot apartment is a perfect option for you.

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Woodland Bungalow Picture

Woodland Bungalows
1 Bedroom

Brookside offers Woodland Bungalow Homes for seniors that are looking for an economical alternative to independent Living. These adorable homes are large enough for a senior and have all 3 meals included in the monthly rental price.

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